Monday, 23rd July 2018


For new projects and replacements projects we offer accurate light calculations to optimize the uniformity of your light, penetration and the efficacy of your installation. Using high-tech computer models of our lamps and state of the art reflectors we are able to design your lighting installation accurately, and we guarantee light levels in the actual installation. 

We work closely together with specialized technical and greenhouse construction companies world-wide to offer you the best solution available. 

At Gavita projects don't end at installation. Lamps and reflectors need to be measured regularly to insure that the efficacy of the installation is  optimal, and to decide when is the right time to replace lamps and reflectors. We do certified light measurements on-site and with our calibrated Ulbricht sphere we are able to measure the light output / reflectivity depreciation.

Reflector measurements are often underestimated. As more than 60% of all light reaching your crop is reflected light, the condition of your reflector is crucial for the quality of your installation. For our GAN HR96 reflectors we offer inlay reflectors, cutting down the costs of reflector replacement.